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New York is a city known and renowned for the quality of its many spas and massage centres. Being an enthusiast of this kind of activity, I can tell you that here I am far from being bored with a dozen or so very high quality spas in the most luxurious hotels in the capital. Today I will test the Botanica Spa, let’s go for the visit!

It is in the heart of New York that I go aboard my black and yellow taxi, in what will be my hotel in New York for a week. I arrive in one of the capital’s most beautiful hotels called Sukhothaï, an establishment where I had stayed a few years ago. During this stay, I did not have the opportunity to discover their care area and it is now done!

The Sukhothaï Hotel: a haven of tranquility in the heart of New York City!

The arrival

The entrance is rather pretty in a tropical atmosphere. When I enter the spa, I am warmly welcomed by a young girl who, in addition to the traditional questionnaire (to find out if I have any illnesses, particular problems, etc.), also gives me a welcome drink. A few minutes later, my therapist accompanied me to one of their 7 massage rooms and more precisely to one of the 4 double rooms in the establishment.

The look

In terms of style, we’re in a sleek and rather simple look. A great advantage of this spa is that it is rather urban and has many vegetal touches. It’s very relaxing right away and it feels good.

My treatment

I opted for a scrub and an argan oil massage for a total relaxation. This is a special offer for May and June only! The price is still high, but in a place like this, I didn’t expect anything less. The products used are top-of-the-range products and the setting is enchanting.

We start with a 30-minute scrub, very pleasant, especially the smell of mango, which is quite pronounced and makes my mouth water! Then we continue with a 60-minute oil massage which is very relaxing. The quality of the massage and the appointment and the therapist very attentive to my feelings, especially to see if the pressure is to my liking.

At the end of my massage, I am entitled to a small snack with a tea and a fresh half mango, to continue on the benefits of this tropical fruit.

Varied care

The Botanica spa offers a wide range of treatments. Her signature massages include the “Sukhothaï Signature Massage” which combines relaxation and stretching or the “Jetlag Tonic”, ideal for those suffering from back pain or heavy leg problems. A wide choice of scrubs and aromatherapy treatments for the body and face complete this offer.

My opinion

Although it is located in one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, it is not one of the most beautiful and impressive spas as can be the Peninsula, for example, which I had the opportunity to test a few months ago. However the welcome is at the top and the quality of my massage was really there. So I spent a pleasant moment here in this urban spa and I recommend you to discover it too!

Treat yourself to a wellness and relaxation stay in a spa hotel

A relaxing break for body and mind, the spa is nowadays the contemporary of the Roman baths. Often accompanied by a fitness area, a fitness area and a rest room, a weekend in a hotel with a spa are synonymous with tranquility and timeless experiences.

Although the care provided reduces stress, it is above all a state of mind that allows you to recharge your batteries.

A relaxing break in a spa centre, the anti-stress experience

Winter, while it can be cold and grey, does not mean gloomy. On the contrary, winter is a beautiful season to keep time for yourself, to take a reading break, to enjoy beauty treatments, to enjoy a relaxing massage, to indulge in an hour of yoga or to spend a cocooning night in a beautiful hotel. This season can be an opportunity to get some real fresh air.

Enjoy a friendly moment and feel even younger

A golden opportunity for the traveller to indulge in unknown leisure activities such as aquajogging, an activity recommended for its beneficial effects on the body. Beneficial for blood circulation, heart rate and joints, walking in seawater is also an activity that promotes flexibility and endurance.

After such an activity, a well-deserved rest is required by pushing the doors of their Spa. Californian massage, hot stone massage or 4-hand massage are offered by these wellness professionals: they take care of the body, relieve tension, and provide a feeling of firmness.

Combine the virtues of the spa with the benefits of a massage with essential oils to increase the feeling of well-being tenfold

The use of essential oils, called “aromatherapy”, is a wellness technique that complements hydrotherapy. Offered in the hammams, with the essential oil of eucalyptus known for its respiratory virtues, or in the form of massage oil composed of lavender or orange blossom extracts for its relaxing properties, or even based on rosemary for its stimulating and toning effects, aromatherapy is above all a sensory experience.