Treat yourself to a wellness and relaxation stay in a spa hotel

A relaxing break for body and mind, the spa is nowadays the contemporary of the Roman baths. Often accompanied by a fitness area, a fitness area and a rest room, a weekend in a hotel with a spa are synonymous with tranquility and timeless experiences.

Although the care provided reduces stress, it is above all a state of mind that allows you to recharge your batteries.

A relaxing break in a spa centre, the anti-stress experience

Winter, while it can be cold and grey, does not mean gloomy. On the contrary, winter is a beautiful season to keep time for yourself, to take a reading break, to enjoy beauty treatments, to enjoy a relaxing massage, to indulge in an hour of yoga or to spend a cocooning night in a beautiful hotel. This season can be an opportunity to get some real fresh air.

Enjoy a friendly moment and feel even younger

A golden opportunity for the traveller to indulge in unknown leisure activities such as aquajogging, an activity recommended for its beneficial effects on the body. Beneficial for blood circulation, heart rate and joints, walking in seawater is also an activity that promotes flexibility and endurance.

After such an activity, a well-deserved rest is required by pushing the doors of their Spa. Californian massage, hot stone massage or 4-hand massage are offered by these wellness professionals: they take care of the body, relieve tension, and provide a feeling of firmness.

Combine the virtues of the spa with the benefits of a massage with essential oils to increase the feeling of well-being tenfold

The use of essential oils, called “aromatherapy”, is a wellness technique that complements hydrotherapy. Offered in the hammams, with the essential oil of eucalyptus known for its respiratory virtues, or in the form of massage oil composed of lavender or orange blossom extracts for its relaxing properties, or even based on rosemary for its stimulating and toning effects, aromatherapy is above all a sensory experience.